Untitled (2013)


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Our first Untitled studio work, including 2 songs.

Recorded by Our Sound Recording Studio
Producers: Szebasztian Szabo
Norbert Sóti


released April 25, 2013

Skore are:
Botond Bindics - Drums
Tamas Brindza - Vocals
David Dios - Bass
Tamas Olah - Guitar
Zsolt Szenasi - Guitar

Skore - Untitled 2013:
Attila Balogh - Bass
Tamas Brindza - Vocals
Tamas Huszar - Guitar
Tamas Olah - Drums, Guitar

Lyrics written by Tamas Brindza

Artwork: David Dios



all rights reserved


Skore Szeged, Hungary

We all like to Skore.

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Track Name: Cloud
I think god's smiling up there
Sweet pressure's melting my chest
Warmth and cold revolve inside me
I'm drifting between bliss and misery

Embraced by brand new gentle thoughts
Irresistible train of thought
They appear in a midnight street light
Your fears disguised with an empty smile

My days are spent just thinking, with my energies just leaking
It's so unlike you to love me like this

Fuck dependance!

Weird game makes me doubt
Weird play makes me doubt
I'm sick of sniffing this cloud

Longing to be in the center of everything
Love to be idolized, the queen of everything
Your stuck-up highness! Better go dance
On somebody else's borders

Weird game makes me doubt
Weird play makes me doubt
I'm sick of sniffing this cloud

You addictive queen o' mine!
Don't start another fire!
End those revenges now!
Weird intentions!

Kept lying and denying and satisfying each other's might
Thanks for being so incredibly same, now we both can hold on to our picture frame

I can see through you
Even in this cloud, this mist

Your stuck up highness!
You better go dance on somebody else's borders

And now you're fucking gone
And now you're fucking gone
And now you're fucking gone
And now you're fucking gone
Track Name: Peaceful Gap
Last night I dreamt
I had a gun in my hand
I was digging a grave for my false self
Loaded the clip to shoot my mind away
I wait for the train
While biting on the rail
The mend appears..

God forbid, god forbid
Candles welcome me inside
On the path of mine
Familiar noise tempting me
Back to the dark

I'm here now in this peaceful gap
Between my rattling thoughts,
And now, right now,
My trueness is the moment,
And my fakeness is the past

Our mind subsides, braces for Now
No pride, no pain, calmness all around
Feeling the prevailing essence
No words to resist in the language of silence

,,The answer is in you
the power is in you
you are the answer to all your searches:
You are the goal
You are the answer,
It's never Outside!"

- What will they think of you?
What will they say about you?
What are you doing?
Who filled your head with this?
You're not who you were before!

You've lost your fucking mind!

- Yes I did