Empty Space (2015)


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Recorded by Our Sound Recording Studio, Szeged
Producers: Szebasztian Szabo
Norbert Soti


released September 4, 2015

SKORE are:

Botond Bindics - Drums
Tamas Brindza - Vocals
David Dios - Bass
Tamas Olah - Guitar
Zsolt Szenasi - Guitar

Lyrics written by Tamas Brindza

Artwork: Arleigh Wood

Thanks to: our Family and Friends for support and favours; Szebasztian Szabo for patience at work; Arleigh Wood for the usage of her magnificent picture;
Thank you to the artists for inspiring us.



all rights reserved


Skore Szeged, Hungary

We all like to Skore.

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Track Name: Bright December
I take off the names and labels
I see vivacious souls, not mannequins
Staring through all shop windows
With barcode faces,
blood stained ages are over now!

Beginning of our new age
To unlock this filthy cage
That's been our hiding place
For so long
It's cold!

Behind a thick shield of unconsciousness
Our mind made us slaves
Humanity's reached a limit state!

Suddenly something ran over me
They screamed as it cut off the children's wings
Fever dreams,
Creatures they hold so many lies to fold

I'll pray for the day when the sky opens up wide
Breathing the scent of the ice storm in my mind
I'll watch myself from above in my casket
Overshot rot has spurred us on a new step

Lift me up, and start navigating!
Lift me up, and stop disappearing!
Lift me above the sky! Let me be me now!

I'm not convincing my demons
I want to see them suffocate
Blow out the black smoke
Smile at those vultures flying in circles
Above my head
And I will still stand, while I surrender
Bringing light to my December

Below freezing point!
We're blamed for all! Our own hostage, our sacrifice!
Witness! Just look around!
War-minds will fade!
Materia-minds will fade!
We'll find ration in irrational soon!

Behind a thick shield of unconsciousness
Our mind made us slaves

Lift me up, and start navigating!
Lift me up, and stop disappearing!
Lift me above the sky! Let me be me now!
Track Name: Idealist Cafe
Must choose!
Which way now!?
Living a life or understanding it
Fighting to get this crucifying mistery
Always lead ourselves into this dead-end
Left here nothing but confusion!

Scrape your lines
I'm falling down this time
Slowly take your time
Go on!

You! Whatever I should call you!
Make your nest in our souls
Invigorate our mind!

Enough of these motherfucking games
Fed up with these motherfucking games
Enough of my motherfucking mind
Nevermind! Nevermind!
Yes, I do mind!

What's on your mind! Say,
What's on your mind, Say,
What's on your mind
Nevermind! Nevermind!
Yes I do mind!

Starting, scrabbling all questions, till the pencil gives out!

What am I doing in this time, at this place?
Breaking the silence
Chaotic silence
I float
Floating around slow vibes

Seeking your trace, your magical shapes
It all outlines in my coffee grinds
Seeking your trace, your magical shapes
They are the spice in my mulled wine

Tiny innocent things I forget
Those innocent
Those beautiful
Those innocent

Eyes are red, from all the junk in the head
I've lost vigilance
I'm a wreck from all the junk in the head
The golden thoughts I had I denied
Wish I could now rewind


We slumber while walking on the streets
It's like a fucking disease,
we're bleeding for you!
Can't listen now, don't disturb!
I'm in the zone!
Track Name: Empty Space
Our horror's laid upon us
That shadow attracted these crows
Each has a label in it's beak
With old laws written on

One has the word 'dissatisfaction'
Impulse the sense of separation
Preached to forget acceptance
Then suit all requirements

I sweep the surface with my own wings
Who planted the seed of phobia in me?
I get hysterics,
I crave for an image of desire

Lying on the ground, looking up now
Those crows are moving aside
Forming a tunnel set out of rings
In the middle empty space

Lying on the ground
Crows are moving aside
I see my wings
In the middle empty space

(I)Focus for the moment, my flesh will calm
Twitching immediately as a ring detaches
The white space goes grey again

Grey again, blind again

Mom, if rejoicing is daylight, night's a fright?
Mom, if I go blind will you save my martyr life?

Oh, nature hold me a torchlight, ego die, die
Ego die, die

Feelings to you I can't express
All I know is I am blessed
with friendly faces surrounding me
Reminds me that
I'm still a man who can love

You're not me! You are mine!
Satan, evil, parasite!
I control! Keeping my sight!
Inside I close divine!

I want out! Let me out! Let me go you freak!

I've heard there's a hard task before you get access
to your heaven, or at least the stairway leading up to it...

Oh my! Only stories for my martyrdom!

Oh, you, fucking freak of fears!
Shivered enough, enemy!
Cold as my skin

'NOW' is the key!
I know that,
I want to nap in that peaceful gap again!

I want out! Let me out!
Let the love live, and melt our ice
Ambition-wise, Passion-wise
Say hi to spring again!

Respond me now
My ears ring from their shit
Hung by my feet,
Your world is upside down!

Respond me now
My ears ring from their shit
I'll stand by your side!
Ease my mind, ease my mind